What is e-learning?

Closed system distance learning (e-learning) was previously widely used mostly in higher education, adult education and company training. Today – thanks to a boom in information technologies, didactics, and the increase of IT-knowledge within individuals of the society – in the developed world it became a widespread, generally used form of tuition.  E-learning systems convey content digitally, to which access can be granted through a computer with internet connection. The contents arrive to the computer of the end-user by means of the so-called Learning Management System (LMS for short) where only a web browser is required to be installed.

E-learning is the efficient use of most developed IT and didactic technologies in the distance learning area. In e-learning, the students learn independently but in a controlled, and regulated manner. They advance forward in the learning according to their personal schedule and competences, meanwhile gaining constant, complete and objective feedback about acquired knowledge and the quality of that throughout the training.