Simulators in the drivers’ training

Today, drivers’ training is assisted by several technical solutions, out of which simulators have the most potential for growth, providing new possibilities for trainers and training institutions. The application of simulators in Hungary is still in an introductory phase, they are mainly used in the basic and advanced CPC training as the result of current regulations, even if their efficiency is known and proven numerous times worldwide. Several international studies have proven the efficiency, effectivity and cost-efficiency of simulator training for bus and truck drivers. There are also examples (e.g. France), where simulation training is also included in the basic drivers’ training (i.e. for passenger cars).

Simulation training is mostly used in two different phases of the drivers’ training. It can be applied at the beginning of the practical training (for any vehicle category) when the trainee is only getting acquainted with the controls of the vehicle and the basic principles of driving. The other field of application is learner drivers with a certain acquired skill level, as a supplement to their practical training or licence holders, as an advanced training. The latter can mean learning defensive driving, the appropriate handling of hazardous situations or fuel-efficient driving techniques.