Advantages of simulator training

One of the most important advantages of simulator training is that there are certain driving exercises, which are either easier to perform, or in some cases can only be performed on a simulator. The trainee can be subjected various environmental conditions – mountainous terrain, motorway, extreme weather and poor visibility (night, ice, snow, fog, rain, etc.) – anytime, anywhere. Driving on specially built training grounds which can model these conditions in real life allow efficient training, but are much more costly, fixed to a given location, and only applicable to a handful of training exercises.

While driving in a simulator, the students can perform even the most dangerous manoeuvres in a risk-free way. Exercises are highly customisable, be it weather or visibility conditions, vehicle properties. Moreover, the effect of these changes can be easily compared with the help of the measurement, evaluations and documentation of the performed tasks.

Another thing in favour of the simulators is their environmental impact. It is easy enough to see, that the use of simulators during training lowers fuel consumption and emissions, which makes it a great choice for both basic and advanced drivers’ training.