Marketed driving simulators

The main goal of E-Educatio is to support drivers’ training with the most efficient and state-of-the-art equipment, methods, products, and services, thus contributing to increase the level of road traffic safety. It is our conviction that simulators enable a similarly great change, modernisation and increase in efficiency in some parts of the practical training, as the use e-learning materials did in the theoretical training. Because of this, we were looking for a dynamically developing European partner, who has a wide range of products and is willing to provide the necessary adaptations for the Hungarian market, as well as constant professional support. This is why in September 2015 we have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the French company EDISER.

We have prepared the adaptations needed for the Hungarian market for all of the different vehicle simulators. These simulators achieved accreditation in 2016, with the longest period of validity in the market. (The transport authority accreditation committee provided our simulators with accreditation until 2021.05.31.) Due to this, we strongly hope, that professionals in the Hungarian drivers’ training sector will have the chance to get acquainted with EDISER products, which we market under the brand name eduSZIM.

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The company EDISER puts great emphasis on the price-performance ratio. Their product selection offers a wide range of simulators, from the smallest devices (Simuscooter), which can be used in the training of moped drivers, through mid- to low-end simulators for passenger car training (SimuNomad and Barracuda), to mid- and high-end training stations (Barracuda – partly, Simu PL) which can be used in training the drivers of light- and heavy-duty vehicles.

5_5le  5_Simunomad másolata

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A moving platform version is available for mid- and high-end simulators, which gives a realistic feeling of the movement of vehicles, and the forces affecting them.  The absolute high-end of this range of products is a driving environment with a full-scale truck cabin. This family of simulators have several common features, which are present in each of the different products: a high-quality graphical representation and vehicle dynamics model, and highly variable software for a wide set of applications.

The possibilities offered by the EDISER simulators do not end here. As with every educational activity, the training of instructors is a crucial aspect. The EDISER dual control simulator with secondary control pedals can provide a risk-free but lifelike method, that helps the driving instructor trainees’ transition from the training course to real-life situations.

//ásolata.jpgA set of software developed specifically for the training of emergency vehicle drivers provides a possibility to train the drivers of vehicles used by the police, ambulance or the fire departments. These pieces of software include specialised training exercises developed directly for this purpose but can also take into account the differences between the needs of each emergency service.