E-learning in driver training

According to the law, closed system electronic distance learning (e-learning) is: a distance learning system which operates through an IT-network (internet, intranet), with the help of a closed Learning Management System – where tutor, the organiser of training and the student together use computers, IT-systems and the Learning Management System to communicate.

E-learning with respect to drivers’ and road traffic experts’ mandatory theoretical training is – due to the obvious intentions of lawmakers – a form of training which is regulated in detail and in a strict manner. Because of these regulations, students can only reach qualified and certified, high (and monitored) quality accredited systems and e-learning materials. Thanks to the requirements set against the system and the learning material, the activity and the acquired knowledge of the students can be followed and controlled in an objective manner.

The Learning Management System of E-Educatio – apart from the organisation of training – is capable of (according to requirements of the authority) logging and evaluating the progress of the student in the training programme and can evaluate the answers and results of control questions. It also executes navigation requests according to the training plan: for example, a certain part of the learning material can be launched by the students if they finished the previous one. The system also controls the requirements and deadline for finishing the training. The parameters of the training (e.g. the mandatory time to be spent, the maximum time to be spent, the minimum requirements of passing the tests) have been set according to the nature of the learning material, the average competences of students (e.g. speed of reading), and legal regulations.