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Welcome to the website of the developer, applier and distributor and user of state-of-the-art, efficient road traffic e-learning and teaching management systems – E-Educatio Zrt.

The primary target of our company is to aid the theoretical training of drivers either for categories or for driver CPC by means of novel and efficient e-learning materials.

The law I. of 1988, the government order 179/2011 (IX. 2.) and the 24/2005. (IV. 21.) order of the Ministry of Economy and Transport together create the opportunity for digital learning materials – adhering to rules and requirements – to be used by driving schools for distance learning. Both the learning materials and the framework system developed by our team of experts bear the necessary accreditations of the authority.

These materials have been compiled by a group of road traffic experts who have decades of experience in the field of Hungarian driver training. They were working closely together with a team of experts in the fields of didactics, research fellows, and multimedia content developers – which guarantees the high quality of these materials both from a methodological and a content aspect.

Our services also support those who choose classroom training. They can use our tests to prepare for the theoretical exam carried out by the authority – or they can also fully take advantage of our accredited e-learning materials.

Our category and driver CPC training materials and our test preparation materials reach the students through our contracted partners. Our electronic distance-learning products are distributed since 2015 under the edukresz-logo-fekete_kek_kicsi brand.

It means a prestigious recognition to our company that – also since 2015 – in accordance with the cooperation agreement between us and the National Transport Authority, most driver licence category theoretical exams use the questions of our training and test preparation materials to assess the knowledge of the driver candidates.

E-Educatio Információtechnológia Zrt.