Exam questions

It means a prestigious recognition to our company that – since 2015 – in accordance with the cooperation agreement between us and the National Transport Authority, most driver licence category theoretical exams use the questions of our training and test preparation materials to assess the knowledge of the candidates.

The introduction of the new question database had multiple goals:

  • Modern content (firstly regarding technical, driving technique, cargo transportation and health & safety questions).
  • Advanced display techniques (3D graphics), which can grant further development opportunities (e.g. motion picture questions).
  • Many more questions than before, so examinees must have actual knowledge instead of memorising the questions and answers to the test.
  • The constant maintenance (swapping, expansion, and modernisation) of questions.

Those interested have the opportunity to view official questions of the authority free of charge – in a form of randomly generated questionnaires, without seeing the answers. The users of edukresz-logo-fekete_kek_kicsi learning materials (both those using distance learning and those learning in the classroom) can get acquainted with questions of the exams of the authority in the form of tests (mock exams and thematic questionnaires). We give further information about these opportunities on the  www.edukresz.hu website.